Emilly Sanchez grew up in a Puerto-Rican household listening to Salsa and other genres of Latin music. In the fall of 1996 a friend invited her to go Salsa dancing at a club named “Chelsea’s” located in
Washington, DC.  When I walked in I was completely mesmerized.  They had a live Salsa band playing,
everyone was dressed to impress, and everyone was dancing. This experience made me very passionate
for Salsa music and dancing.

In 2005 she joined an all-female Salsa Dance Company called Melao and in 2008 joined another all-female dance company called Joi de Vivre (both groups were based out of Washington, DC).  They
performed at numerous Salsa venues throughout the DC/MD/VA area, the Capital Salsa Congress
(Washington, DC), the Boston Salsa Congress (MA), the Miami Salsa Congress, and the Art in Motion
studio (Philadelphia, PA).  During that time she also became one of the few Salsa DJs on the scene and
played at venues throughout Richmond, VA and DC/MD/NoVa area.  She also had the privilege of
opening up for artists such as Alfredo de la Fe, Oscar D’Leon, and Willie Colon.

I just love to dance!!! I have been in 2 all female Salsa dance companies and have performed at Salsa events in DC, MD, VA, NY, Miami, Boston, etc. Not only do I have a passion for dance but I am also passionate about health & nutrition. With the help of zumba I was able to get down from size 12 to a size 8. I want to help others lose weight…especially through Zumba.  – Emily Sanchez